Whole Life Coach & Certified Personal Trainer

Patricia is a Whole Life Coach and Vedas Leadership Community Thought Leader with extensive experience in the Health and Fitness industry.  She can assist you or members of  your corporation discover,  restore and transform their physical health and well-being.  As a Personal Fitness Trainer and Corrective Exercise Consultant, athlete and mother, Patricia has the gift to implement a program that will spark the fitness mindset to achieve tangible health indicators.  You will notice comprehensive changes in energy, productivity and happiness as a result  of her  passion for “playing hard and having fun!”

Over the past 20 years, Patricia has created a niche with executive Boomers.  She has worked with directors, lawyers,  stock market brokers, doctors and authors, and has coached fellow female athletes achieve success in the sport of Figure.  She has displayed her fitness prowess on local morning television and chatted on local AM radio, as well as being invited as Keynote Speaker at Cleveland Rotary.   Her speaking expertise in Fitness and Stress Reduction is sought after by private companies and municipalities throughout the Greater Cleveland area and beyond who are looking to improve health and work culture by way of fitness.

Patricia’s coaching style educates and empowers her clients to personalize health and fitness fundamentals which lead to lasting transformation.   Her clients realize their own sources of motivation and inspiration through fun and organized Restorative Wellness  workshops and presentations, or during her personalized in-depth coaching  program for individuals and corporations. In her upcoming book, Beyond Your Fitness, Patricia addresses the keys to life-long transformation in a fun and personal tale of fitness, food and adventure.


Patti Ellins