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Water & Weight Loss

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

Water is water and precisely what your body requires for optimal health. You would not put olive oil in your engine in place of car oil, would you? Of course not. Even though they may both possess a few similar properties, they are different substances entirely. One will keep your car running efficiently and the other will destroy the engine. Water goes in clear and comes out clear. Coffee, brown and black tea, pop, and other liquids go in brown or some other color and come out yellow. Where does the color go?

Most of those colorings and chemicals stay in the body and can build up over time. Toxic build up over years prevents your organs and cells from functioning properly and can cause cellular mutation. This cellular mutation is how cancer gets its start. The same cells that used to keep your body healthy are what could eventually kill you over time due to toxicity from ingredients you consume in your daily diet that your body does not need or want. The more toxic the food is that you eat, the more toxic your body becomes, and the higher your risk is for developing cancer and other diseases.

In summary, water is what the body needs and anything else could be preventing your weight loss or overall wellness success. Even if you do not initially like drinking water, keep practicing this proactive habit. You will be surprised how after a while your body will begin to crave it.

Exerpt from Think Fit 2 be Fit, by Tammy Polenz

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