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Why Do You Get Cravings?

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

Knowing how food affects you on a physiological level is an important step in understanding why you get cravings. Cravings are not just bothersome urges, like a little devil sitting on your shoulder telling you, “Do it, come on, go ahead and eat that chocolate cake” just to keep you from reaching your weight loss goals.

Cravings are temptations driving you to take action, due to a deficiency your body is feeling and desperately trying to get you to satiate. Pregnant women, for example, have been known for their outrageous cravings, including cravings for dirt or non-food items known as “pica.” Disgusting, you might say, but this bizarre behavior is easily recognized by doctors as a mineral deficiency and dirt is filled with minerals.

The most common cravings I encounter with clients are cravings for sweets.

Three reasons why you may have a sweet tooth:

1.) Dehydration 2.) Low energy or the fuel levels from skipping meals 3.) Eating highly processed foods and sweets

Three easy ways to prevent and overcome cravings:

1.) Drink more water, at least 64-20 fluid ounces daily 2.) Eat a small healthy snack or meal every 3-4 hours 3.) Eat healthier, less processed, no sugar added foods

Excerpt from Think Fit 2 Be Fit, by author Tammy Polenz

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