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Stephanie Llewellyn

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Elevating Team Member & Creative Marketing Coach

I have always believed in the power of yes, doing things before you’re ready and leaning into the hard parts of life. That belief has served me well, even when things didn’t work out - the lessons learned were worth the risks taken. All of the difficult roads I’ve traveled have led me here and now I help female entrepreneurs promote and grow their businesses in alignment with who they truly are. Creating, Coaching, and supporting my clients through creating their authentic Marketing Content, Strategy, and abundant mindset as they grow their business is my passion.

My name is Stephanie Llewellyn, I'm a Creative Marketing Coach, Founder of The Social Vine, LLC. and Host of, "Who Does She Think She Is" Podcast. I'm a creative-minded single mom and college drop-out who took the scenic route to success. I have been a writer, creator, and avid sharer of the unfiltered side of life for most of my life, but it was always just a hobby that I would share on social media, I never dreamed that hobby would turn into a business.

Helping entrepreneurs find their voice, create aligned messaging, and content as a brand to promote and ultimately grow their business is EVERYTHING. Seeing the shifts happen in their mindset, creativity and business is something I will never get tired of being a part of.

Creating content for your Marketing doesn’t have to be something you dread, overthink and then put off forever. The way you show up in your business doesn’t have to look like anyone else, it doesn’t have to sound a certain way, and if you are someone who struggles with where to even begin - I’ve got you. Messy action is my love language and showing other business owners how to take steps in the right direction, is what I do best!

Contact Info
Instagram: @thesocial_vine
Facebook: Stephanie Llewellyn

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