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Co-Founder MS Benefits Team

Lea Swanson

I believe that we all have purpose inside us to discover and give back to the world. The Vedas Living community has come alive in a time (World Pandemic 2020) when community means the most, providing ample opportunities for personal, professional, and soul growth. It is a community where you can be authentic, empowering yourself and others.
I am finding personal peace in being a member and personal purpose by also joining as an Elevated Director, to grow the community and connect members. We look forward to your unique presence as part of the community too.

Owner, Brain Fresh and Co Owner Brain Ops Group

Mary Rensel

Tammy has worked tirelessly through a pandemic to connect and provide tools to women business owners. She is strategic in her mission and is empowering women throughout the community. It is so amazing to see her successes especially during challenging times.

Vice President of Business Development, AMHigley

Anna Dodson

The Vedas Living community has inspired me to utilize this network of motivated and educated women to help me further my personal and professional goals. This is truly a TRUST network and a group I'm proud to be part of. The membership has allowed me to access events and educational information that has helped me to accelerate my goals.

Senior Manager of Business Development

Emily Lord

My company was fortunate enough to have Tammy come and speak to us. Before she came she took the time to survey her audience so she could better understand the pain points and objectives for our group. It was easy to see that she truly cares about every individual's unique situation when it comes to wellness. Her presentation was well-rounded and thought-provoking. It really made me take a step back and think about how to plan for my goals.

Owner operator, Kneaded Recovery

Al Morgan

Tammy help me out immensely!! I was looking to start my own massage business and Tammy was instrumental in helping make that happen. She attentively listened to my needs and wants and provided a steady hand while also offering me her immense business knowledge. Her approach immediately put me at ease, but let me know I had a lot of hard work ahead of me. She allowed me to work at my own pace, but somehow kept me on task. I like that she instilled confidence in me by recommending books and articles that would further my business knowledge and growth. I would recommend Tammy to any aspiring entrepreneur that needs some help. I guarantee, you won't be disappointed!

Owner & CPT, Thomas Fitness Consulting

Laura Thomas

"Before I began working with Tammy, I was a bit lost in terms of how to structure my time and focus in my business. I was feeling overwhelmed and definitely wanted to work with someone within the fitness industry who knew what it entailed. I was glad when Tammy suggested we focus on key performance indicators and it made me put pen to paper and present something to her that was tangible and gave me metrics on where to track and spend my time. She is also very open to listening to ideas or offering feedback where I needed guidance. Working with Tammy made me feel I am on the right track and I would recommend her coaching to fellow business owners!"

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