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Jody Slain

Jody Slain
Elevating Director & Accountability Life Coach

“And then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”
-Anais nin

If you are that person, if you are in that place it’s time to confront your pain and to challenge your fears. Are you aware that you have an indomitable spirit inside of you? You are resilient and yet you are being held hostage by your own inaction. It’s often when we are at our lowest point that we find ourselves at the brink of a new beginning.  I am asking you to hold yourself accountable and to show up for yourself even when you are at your most vulnerable. Change is not about having all the answers it’s about doing whatever it takes to bet on yourself.

I have been a clinical therapist for 10 years. I have a master’s degree from John Carroll University in clinical counseling as well as a MPA from Cleveland State University.
I have spent many years working with people to face their fears and to essentially get out of their own way.  The work we do together will focus on unlocking those unhealthy mindsets that are holding you hostage.   I help you to understand that holding yourself accountable is at the core of personal growth and change.  My approach during our time together is organic and uniquely individualized to who you are as a person.  In this dynamic I am asking you to put down what has become too heavy and let others in to help you gain insights and untangle patterns that no longer serve you.

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