Vedas Elevating Team

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Tammy Polenz

Founder & President, Vedas Living

Author, Think Fit 2 Be Fit

Co-Owner Heal Through Habit

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Anna Dodson, President BD amHigley

Anna Dodson

Interior Architectural Solutions Provider & Project Executive at /SHIFTT/® a Division of Commercial

Design Services, Inc.

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The Vedas Living Board is made up of Women Thought Leaders focused on the objective to elevate and support women by providing a safe and supportive community, enhanced visibility and growth opportunities.  

Ericak Sazbo

Ericak Szabo

Founder & President, Elevate + Evolve

Founder & Co-Owner Heal Through Habit

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Jody Slain

Jody Slain, MPA, M.A LPCC

Accountability Life Coach & Clinical Therapist

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Stephanie Llewellyn

Founder of The Social Vine, LLC 

Host of "Who Does She Think She Is" Podcast

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