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Anti Sex Trafficking

Did you know that sex trafficking is a problem right here in Cleveland, Ohio? You will be amazed how pervasive this problem is and what these amazing ladies at Empower Her network are doing about it, plus how you can help.

Join me Tammy Polenz with guests Kristy Norbert, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Empower Her Network, Erick Howard, and Akia Lampkin, NE Ohio Advocates in the discussion of Anti-Trafficking Movement.


Kristy Norbert

CO-Founder & Executive Director of Empower Her Network

She is committed to working alongside survivors and their allies, so opportunities for their dreams to become a reality. Kristy has her Masters in Social Work and LCSW.

Ericka Howard

NE Ohio Advocate

She believes that survivors have the ability to change their story to a better now. Erica has 25 years of business management, a few months left in finishing up her Masters in Social work, plus years volunteering with trafficking survivors.

Akia Lampkin

NE Ohio Advocate

She has over 20 years of advocacy work with vulnerable populations. She loves working with survivors in helping them to reach independence. Akia holds a Bachelor's in Social Work, is an Ohio Licensed Social Worker and has a MBA.

Host: Tammy Polenz

President, Vedas Living

Author, Think Fit 2 Be Fit

Integration Manager, levelHEADS


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