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Is pain something you have to live with?

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

Do you experience frequent pain, body aches, reoccurring injuries, and a feeling of being tired and/or run down all the time? Are you dependent on pharmacological means for pain management? Have you seen one or even several medical specialists, only to be told that you will have to deal with the pain, take medication, receive regular injects, or have surgery? Do you believe that there is be a better way, one that is natural for the body? Well there is.

All too often people are being given a short-term solutions that focus on the symptoms of the body being out of sync. Many of these therapies include pharmacological means, injections, and/or even surgery, which are sometimes temporary solutions focused on the symptoms not on correcting the root cause of the problem. In our culture people are not taught how attain health, or even what the true meaning of health is. Instead individuals are taught to cover up symptoms of imbalance, pain, and suffering via temporary quick fixes that don’t last and may cause more damage than healing.

When discussing the topic of health I would also like to include Ayruveda, which is a 5,000-year-old practice of medicine, that originated in India. The word Ayruveda was derived from two Sanskrit terms; ayu – meaning life, and Veda – meaning knowledge or science. The philosophy of Ayruvedic Medicine is to create mind-body harmony or balance, illness and disease are considered a matter of imbalance in this harmony. By accomplishing harmony and balance, you will be lead to good health. Reaching balance is a key philosophy shared by many, if not all, complimentary medicine and spiritual practices. It is Vedas' philosophy and RatioRx, a Vedas rehabilitation program, which is geared towards eliminating pain and injury or the risk of injury.

The human body in all of its wondrous capacities is plastic and conformable in nature. David’s Law states that tissue will adapt and grow in line with resistance forces, which can positively or negatively effect the body. This plasticity gives it the ability to be shaped and reshaped by forces applied and the use of its structure.

The musculoskeletal system is the most massive system in the human body and it’s comprised of two body systems, the skeletal and muscular. Movement can be beautifully delicate, fluid, and effortless, similar to those of a dancer or they can be choppy, cumbersome, unnatural, and painful like that of an individual with musculoskeletal pain. The important thing to remember is that imbalance between these two systems equals pain for you the individual. The good news is that because the body is plastic and moldable in nature you can eliminate pain and it doesn’t have to be something you live with.

Excerpt from RatioRX, by author Tammy Polenz.

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