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Updated: Sep 8, 2019

Tri-Fitness December 2001

Tri-Fitness Promoter Al Rosen Poses with the top 3 Gina, Cynthia Hill and Sylvia Ferrero who landed in the fifth, and Sybill Scheffer in fourth. Next up was Sandra Augustin, followed by Cynthia Hill, who once again narrowly missed the top spot. That went to Gina Oakes, moving up from her fourth place finish at last year's event.

By Saturday, it was time to face the sun. After four hours of sitting in an unsheltered field, I was waiting for one of the girls to drop from heat exhaustion. Luckily, a few local firefighters volunteered to spray off the gals and keep then cool. After all the girls had done two rounds through the course, it was Colette Roberts (who clocked in at 55.67 seconds) who took fifth. Next was crowd favorite to win, and former Galaxy champ, Mocha Lee with a time of 55.29 seconds. In third was Tonia D'Anna with 54.57, followed by Gina Oakes with 54.34. But when it came time to crown the course victor, there was no question who it would be. With a time of 49.74 seconds. A-team-extreme member Shanay Norvell literally left her competitions in the dust.

After all of this, you would think the girls would be spent. But no, there wa one remaining event - fitness skills. Competitors were tested on bench press, shuttle run and box jumps to see who is in the best overall condition. LeAnn Jabin took fifth, followed by Canadian Janice Pare. In third was Jennifer Mills, with another Canuck, Trista Bernier, in second. Bot top skill honors went to Tammy Lynn from Cleveland Ohio.

Top skills with to Tammy Lynn from Cleveland Ohio.  

By Sunday, all that was left was a lengthy awards ceremony that, in typical Las Vegas tradition, even had a wedding ceremony. In the end, it was Cynthia Hill that was crowned overall champ. No shocker, she was thrilled by the win. "I feel very blessed in winning the tri-fitness," she says. "It was by far one of the most challenging competitions I have ever done."

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