Elevating Women

experience the ripple affect of an interconnected life

Do you feel like a woman navigating a masculine world with norms of doing things that seem counterintuitive to your feminine nature?

Do you feel alone and unsupported on your personal or profession journey?

Does it seem like something is missing even though you are pursuing your dreams?

Are you running yourself into the ground and getting no where regardless of how many long hard hours you work?

Do you feel like you are being pushed down, unheard, and not valued as an intelligent woman with a voice that can contribute to the success of things?

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Do You Think It Can Be Done Better?

Powerfully Leading Like a Woman


You are not alone in how you feel. So many of us are lone wolf’s forging the path of career, family, relationship, and personal improvement by ourselves. Life can be hard, especially when you do not have mentors or friends around you that you can trust and count on for direction along the way.


The world around us as women can feel threatening, hard, relentless and leave us feeling drained in the pursuit for more. This is compounded when constant pursuits are not balanced with healthy activities that fill our spiritual and emotional cups.

You may have often been told that your feminine traits are weak, but as we look around its apparent that the missing feminine energy in society is what is needed to provide healing to the world. It is time to break free of the chains of limiting beliefs and social norms that were developed before us and create a new model.


Join our community and become a valued collaborator to developing something that honors women and elevates everyone.

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Coffee with Friends


Vedas Living is a Community of Women Thought Leaders built on the foundation of ‘Vedas’ ideologies. Our community is a place where highly motivated women can meet other likeminded women. Built on a holistic platform of wellness, the community provides opportunities to grow personally and professionally through structured events and healthy activities.


"One can proceed fearlessly into the unknown when surrounded by a supportive village of friends." ~Tammy Polenz