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Feeling Stuck = The Brink of Change

Join Tammy Polenz with guest Jody Slain, MPA, M.A LPCC, Clinical Therapist, as we discuss how ‘Feeling Stuck = The Brink of Change’. In life there are times we feel stuck and when this happens it means you are at the edge of great change.

You are the expert in your own life and all the answers are right inside of you. The challenge that most people have is uncovering the psychological blocks preventing your transformation. Through a uniquely personalized approach Jody helps each person identify and work through these hurdles that can prevent success. Join us to learn more about this topic and her approach to helping you make the change you have been yearning to have in your life.


Jody Slain, MPA, M.A. LPCC

Accountability Life Coach, Vedas Living


Tammy Polenz

President, Vedas Living

Co-Founder Health Through Habit

Author, Think Fit 2 Be Fit

Integration Manager, levelHEADS

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