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Small Biz Big HR

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Join Jane McCourt, Principal & Strategic HR Consultant at human Capital IQ with Tammy Polenz, President of Vedas Living today as we talk about Small Biz Big HR.

Did you know there were universal principles of intentionality that apply to everything we do, including HR? When applied, these principles play an important role in the health and success of the business. Learn what these universal principles are, along with Jane’s CPR process for revitalizing and sustaining better cash flow, a talent pipeline, competitive value offerings, and a positive organizational culture.

About Jane

Jane McCourt, Principal & Strategic HR Consultant at Human Capital IQ

Combining over 15 years of hands-on Human Resources industry experience and keeping abreast of the industry trends and innovations, Jane brings her clients solutions that add value to their business both today and tomorrow. Jane’s career spans over multiple industries and organizations with domestic and international operations. In her corporate roles, she oversaw such functions, as Benefits, Compensation, Payroll, Leave Management, Workers Compensation, Wellness, HRIS, and Mergers & Acquisitions. She led Total Rewards and HR M&A functions at AmTrust Financial Inc., a public global insurance enterprise, during the years of exponential growth. The roles she held frequently required rapid examination and decision-making and employing upscaling and downscaling strategies to meet business needs. Prior employers include Environmental Defense Fund, Mercer Inc., GCA Services Group (now ABM), AmTrust Financial Inc., Cuyahoga Community College. She is respected in the industry for her broad scope experience and big-picture scalable solutions.

Jane holds a Master’s degree in Labor Relations and Human Resource Management and a Certified Employee Benefits Specialist (CEBS) designation. She is a volunteer subject matter reviewer for World at Work.

Referenced book: Multipliers by Liz Wiseman

Superpowers Toolkit
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Jane McCourt

(216) 509-5349

Host: Tammy Polenz,

President Vedas Living, Author Think Fit 2 Be Fit &

Integration Manager of Active Design at levelHEADS


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